#BannedBooksWeek In Action

Banned Books Week

#BannedBooksWeek in Action invites readers to participate in a different activity that spotlights literary activism each day of Banned Books Week (September 27 – October 3, 2020).

Readers and libraries are invited to share their activities widely on social media with the hashtag #BannedBooksWeek to encourage others to join the movement for the freedom to read!

Below are the highlighted actions and activity ideas for each day. You can also download the daily schedule for #BannedBooksWeek in Action. Visit the ala.org website for more shareables.


Read a banned book 

banned book shelfies
  • Take a picture of your favorite banned book 
  • Snap a banned book “shelfie”
  • Check in at a local business or restaurant while reading a banned book
  • Visit your local library to check out a banned book you didn’t know you always wanted to read
  • Read a banned book electronically
  • Listen to a banned audiobook


Speak out about censorship 


Create something unrestricted 

  • Share your library’s banned book displays and programs on social media
  • Create or participate in crafts based on banned titles
  • Draw a comic about the freedom to read
  • Use sidewalk chalk to express your love of banned books
  • Make an “I Read Banned Books” T-shirt
  • Write a poem
  • Create art


Express the freedom to read in style 

  • Share pictures of your bookmarks, buttons, and T-shirts that take a stand against censorship
  • Dress up as a favorite banned book character 


Write about your rights 

Dear Banned Author
  • Participate in the Dear Banned Author letter-writing campaign
  • Blog about unrestricted access
  • Send letters-to-the-editor of your local newspaper
  • Publish a Facebook post about the harms of censorship


Watch, listen, and learn from others 


Thank those who defend the freedom to read every day of the year

Tag @OIF in your #BannedBooksWeek in Action posts and you might be added to the daily round up of activity!

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