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Banned Books Week, General Interest

By: Ellie Diaz, OIF Program Officer


Scout Finch, Starr Carter, Albus Dumbledore — Characters from our most beloved books are silenced when titles are removed from libraries and schools. How can we speak up for our literary heroes?

This year’s Banned Books Week theme is “Banning Books Silences Stories. Speak Out!” Activities are being planned around the country — and across the world — that shed light on censorship. These Banned Books Week products not only catch the eyes of passerby, but also offer readers ways to defend their favorite books.

Order print materials by September 12 to get them in time using standard shipping. Digital items can be ordered any time.


Banned Books Week Box with a poster and Field Report in an open box.

Banned Books Week Box

Subscribe to the Banned Books Week Box and get the newest Banned Books Week products sent straight to your door at a discount. The package comes with 1 poster, 100 bookmarks and 5 Field Reports, at a 15% discount. Learn more or complete this form to subscribe. Subscribe by September 10 to get the new products with “Banning Books Silences Stories” theme.


Print Materials & Handouts

Banning Books Silences Stories poster

Banning Books Silences Stories poster

Encourage readers to raise their megaphone and speak out for banned books with this 22” x 34” large poster.

$16, 22” x 34”

Speak Out! green bookmarks with red bookBanning Books Silences Stories bookmark

Pro tip: When you slip this bookmark into a book, the megaphone peeks out — very Instagram-worthy.

$10, 100/pack

Speak Out! buttonsGreen, grey and pink buttons with a red book and blue megaphone

Discussions can start with a button. These three-colored buttons show the world that you’re an ally to banned books.

6/pack ($9), 12/pack ($17), 18/pack ($23), 3 designs

I Read Banned Books black bumper stickers with a variety of colorful lettersI Read Banned Books bumper sticker

Laptops, doors, folders – slap this vinyl sticker on anything with a surface.

$4, 6” x 4”

Banned Books: Defending Our Freedom to Read“Banned Books: Defending Our Freedom to Read” resource guide

This 2017 edition of the banned books resource guide is packed with challenge entries, histories of core documents, infographics, timelines and explanations of legal cases. It’s an indispensable resource for educators and researchers.

$35, 308 pages

Digital Items

Four mini-posters with pink, green and grey variety of colorsSpeak Out! mini poster file

These downloadable posters come in four colors and are the perfect to hang on lockers and bulletin boards. Print as many as you want!

$29, basic user, PDF with and without crop marks

I Read Banned Books customizable posterI Read Banned Books customizable poster file

There are limitless ways to express your support of the freedom to read with this customizable poster. Take a picture of a local author, staff member or reader, and copy them into this layered PSD file. Choose from a variety of backgrounds and text colors to create a one-of-a-kind poster.

$49, basic user, layered PSD

Cover of "Field Report" booklet with red book and blue megaphone sticking outField Report download

This annual censorship report is packed with 91 descriptions of censorship attempts in 2017. This expanded issues not only covers book challenges, but also challenges to displays, programs, author events and magazines.

The digital copy includes wide margins and dark text; it can be stapled, bound, printed in color, or printed in black and white.

$29, basic user, 16 pages, PDF with and without crop marks


Banned Books Week Set 2Speak Out Banned Books Set 2  ($80) Save 25%

  • Field Report download
  • Speak Out! mini poster file
  • I Read Banned Books customizable poster file
Banned Books Week Set 3Speak Out Banned Books Set 3 ($34) Save 25%

  • Banning Books Silences Stories poster
  • Speak Out! mini poster file

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