Banned Books Week Day 7 – News, Blogs, and the Machinima Contest Entries!

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Stephen Colbert mentions Banned Books Week in his introduction to The Colbert Report on Monday and Thursday.

NPR links to the map ( is a joint site of OIF and the American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression).

Comics Alliance gives us a humorous, graphic novel-themed “7 Most Ridiculous Reasons for Banning Books, 2009-2010”.

Comics Alliance also shares the news that 20+ newspapers pulled Sunday’s upcoming “Non Sequitir” comic strip for its mention of Mohammad.

The Canadian Library Association has released its survey of materials challenged in Canada’s libraries in 2009.

The Christian Science Monitor continues its coverage of Banned Books Week with a look at Amnesty International’s efforts to support persecuted authors.

Author Ellen Hopkins writes an article for Huffington Post: “Banned Books Week 2010: An Anti-Censorship Manifesto.”

Time offers an overview of the Operation Dark Heart controversy.

From Springfield, Missouri: “Proponent of ban gets attention from local filmmakers.”

Book Reading to Bring Attention to Banned Volumes: htttp://

‘Huck Finn’: Minds, pages open With no ban, Highland Park High students read Mark Twain novel ‘Huckleberry Finn

A special thanks to all the Banned Books Week Machinima entries:

Entry #1, Banned Books Week Music Video by MimiSoleilFirelight.

Entry #2, Banned Books Week at Rosie’s House.

Entry #3, Banned Books Week in Second Life featuring robots.

Entry #4, State of Mind-An Installation by Miso Susanowa and by Iono Allen

Winners will be announced in Second Life tomorrow morning and posted on the OIF Blog on Monday.  In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact Kay Tairov in Second Life.