Banned Books Week in 23 Days

Banned Books Week

Countdown: 23 more days until Banned Books Week!

Save the Date

September 25th – October 1st, 2016

Banned Books Week

We are officially into September! Almost three weeks until the launch of Banned Books Week.

  • Talented playwright, Jarrett Dapier, has offered his complete stage adaption of Chris Crutcher’s YA novel, The Sledding Hill, to the Office for Intellectual Freedom in support of Banned Books Week. It is available to download and read freely. There are no limitations to reading, sharing, or printing Jarrett’s play.
  • Everyday there will be a #VirtualReadOut video on twitter.
  • BookTuber @LittleBookOwl is hosting a twitter Banned Book-A-Thon. Details are available in her announcement video


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