Banned Books Week 2011

Banned Books Week

Banned Books Week 2011 has begun – a week that celebrates the freedom to read while drawing attention to the harms that censorship does to our society and our individual freedoms. We hope that during this week you will read one of your favorite banned/challenged book and think of the ideas the books contain–ideas that bother some people so much they want to prevent you and others from reading it.

During the week, the OIF Blog, Twitter feed, and Facebook page will highlight some of the many events taking place during Banned Books Week, and will spotlight some of the videos featured on the Banned Books Week YouTube channel as part of the Banned Books Virtual Read-Out! Check back regularly for more information.  You also should check the new Banned Books Week website–geared toward the general public–for events in your local area.

Happy reading!



  • YAY! I have a big Banned Week thing going on too. Stop in and see.

    I was saddened to see my library as of yet has done nothing for banned books week. I will be stopping in on Monday to see if we can not correct that. Last year they had an awesome display.

  • I went looking for a list of banned or challenged books and it took me multiple clicks and searches to find it. Having read many of the books on the list I’m appalled but that’s besides the point. One of the top links I should see on these pages is a link to a list of banned books. I should be clearly visible, prominent and unequivocal. I shouldn’t have to search for it or go through multiple clicks to find it. Put it on the right under categories. Somewhere, anywhere. Otherwise the whole thing starts to appear more as a self serving exercise rather than an informative campaign against a true injustice. It’s not just this blog either. Most of the sites linked to this blog (or vis-a-versa) are prominent in their campaign but feeble in providing one of the most important pieces of relevant information.
    For those who are interested, after multiple clicks, which included a site search, here is a direct link:

  • You’re joking about the Koran. It was not banned; one old fool burned a copy, so what? And for that it’s on a banned list? Isn’t that just a tad P.C.?

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