Screenshot of CatholicVote Hide the Pride website promotion graphics. Text Hide the Pride. Reclaim Your Public Library

“Hide the Pride” Campaign Targets Library Pride Month Displays

In the midst of the recognition of Pride Month, a campaign called “Hide the Pride” is threatening to hide LGBTQIA+ library materials from others in the community that may want to access them. Started by an organization called CatholicVote, the initiative invites people to check out all the books from their library’s Pride Month display, under the guise of protecting children from being exposed to ideas of sexuality and gender identity and expression.

Harper Lee with President George W. Bush, when she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom

Happy Birthday, Harper Lee!

Happy Birthday to Harper Lee, born on April 28, 1926, in Monroeville, Alabama! Lee’s name is inextricably linked with her first novel To Kill a Mockingbird which has been both celebrated and challenged since its publication in 1960. Throughout it all, Mockingbird and Lee have remained as a staple of literature and continue to be a springboard for discussing the history of racial tensions in the American South.

New Hampshire State House Building

New Hampshire’s “Teachers’ Loyalty” Bill Could Affect How History Is Taught in Public Schools

A bill introduced to the New Hampshire State House earlier this year expands on prohibiting advocating for communism to include other doctrines, including theories “promoting a negative account or representation of the founding and history of the United States of America in New Hampshire public schools.” Teachers and organizations across the state are concerned about the bill’s implications on how history will be able to be discussed in the classroom.