American Library Association Issues Letter in Support of the Glen Ridge Public Library

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On February 6, the American Library Association’s Office for Intellectual Freedom (OIF) sent a letter of support to the Glen Ridge Public Library’s Board of Trustees commending the efforts of library staff and director Tina Marie Doody to select and maintain access to diverse reading materials.

In October, a group called Citizens Defending Education submitted a packet of requests for the reconsideration of six LGBTQIA+ non-fiction titles because they included discussions of sexuality and gender identity.

In their letter, OIF states, “claims that juvenile reading materials are inappropriate or even illegal because the materials present accurate medical information, depict human anatomy, or contain content addressing LGBTQIA+ issues are false and unsupported by law.”

OIF commended the board’s policies and urged the board to abide by them and retain access to the titles challenged.

“By empowering your director and staff to acquire and provide diverse materials that reflect the lives and interests of all who live in Glen Ridge, you send a powerful message: in the United States, everyone has a place at the library.”

The full letter is embedded below.

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