ACRL members: Friday deadline to volunteer for committees

ACRL, Intellectual Freedom Committee

Members of the Association of College & Research Libraries have until this Friday, February 15 to volunteer for ACRL committees.  OIF and the ALA Intellectual Freedom Committee particularly encourage those who are interested to volunteer for the Ethics Committee and the Intellectual Freedom Committee.

To put your name forward as a potential appointee for these committees, fill out the online form on the ACRL site.

ACRL is in the process of re-evaluating the charges of the two committees, including the possibility of combining them (this was one of the recommendations of the ACRL Task Force on Structure of Core Organization Values which was charged to suggest how ACRL might best accomplish its aims in this area).  If you wish to formally express your interest in serving ACRL on issues of intellectual freedom and ethics, volunteering for BOTH the IFC and Ethics committees on the current volunteer forms is recommended at this time.

For more information, please refer to Volunteer & Appointment Process and Member Service on ACRL Committees.

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