Banned Author Anne Rice Dies, Leaving Legacy that says it’s OK to Struggle

Controversial author Anne Rice (born Howard Allen O’Brien), best known for her “Gothic” novels in her Vampire Chronicles series, has died. Her son, Christopher (also a novelist) announced her death on social media, citing complications from a stroke. Rice arguably courted controversy throughout her life.

ALA’s new publication “Media Literacy in the Library: A Guide for Library Practitioners”: Interviews with contributors Dr. Nicole A. Cooke and Kristen Calvert

Learn more about how ALA is helping librarians learn more about media literacy through its new publication “Media Literacy in the Library,” featuring an interview with 2 contributors, Dr. Nicole A. Cooke and Kristen Calvert.

Breaking the Silence: an interview with Ruta Sepetys, author of hidden histories

Readers around the world are eagerly anticipating historical fiction novelist Ruta Sepetys’s new book, The Fountains of Silence, to be published on October 1, 2019. Read an interview with the author to learn more about the setting of her newest example of hidden history, life under dictator General Francisco Franco in Spain after the Spanish Civil War.

‘Books saved my life and my sanity’: An Interview with Banned Author Carmen-Francesca Banciu

Carmen-Francesca Banciu is an author, journalist and lecturer who grew up in Romania as the daughter of a high-ranking member of the Communist party. She studied in Bucharest, going on to win the International Short Story Prize in Arnsberg, Germany in 1985, leading to a ban on her works in Romania.