August 10, 2011...7:33 am

First Amendment Rodeo 7/25-8/8, 2011

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A round-up of intellectual freedom issues in the news

House panel approves broadened ISP snooping bill

ACLU Probing Government Use of Cell Phone Location Data

Web tracking has become a privacy time bomb

Will Missouri ‘Facebook Law’ spook teachers away from social media?

Patriot Act
Senate Intel Committee Blocks Report on “Secret Law”

Free Speech
Use of Worcester Public Library meeting rooms studied as library reacts to violent incident

Freedom of Expression
Homeless patrons prompt Bethlehem Area Public Library’s behavior policy
See also:
Lehigh Valley, northwest New Jersey libraries enforce behavior policies

Two books pulled from Republic school library shelves
See also:
Policy on movies next for Republic schools

Suburban Springfield-area school board bowed to book banners after yearlong fight

Vonnegut library offers banned book to Missouri students


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