April 1, 2011...10:16 am

Choose Privacy Week Webinar: Slides and Archive Now Available!

ALA offered a Choose Privacy Week webinar on March 31, featuring a panel of experts on “hot topics” in privacy — plus practical tips and tools for developing programs to engage library users.

Slides are now available at http://www.slideshare.net/alapubishing/al-oif-chooseprivacyweekwebinar2011, and an archived version of the webinar can be found at https://alapublishing.webex.com/alapublishing/lsr.php?AT=pb&SP=EC&rID=3444182&rKey=8d140b37318985c1.

Topics included the USA Patriot Act and reader privacy (presented by Deborah Caldwell-Stone of OIF); airport screening and surveillance (presented by Ginger McCall of EPIC); current research on privacy attitudes of young people (presented by Michael Zimmer of UW-Milwaukee); and how libraries can develop programs and events to start conversations on such issues in their communities.