Creative Commons

Correctly Using Online Images in Digital Projects

Google…it’s a well-loved and well-used search site. While people around the world use Google to locate images, they may not know about the copyright issues accompanying those images. Here is information you may want to know before you use another image from a Google search: Just because it’s on Google, doesn’t mean it can be used for everything

World Religions

Fear and Intellectual Freedom

Discussions of Islam are essential to many subjects; history, literature, art, political science, geography, and science would all be immensely hurt by eliding Islam. Teaching calligraphy without talking about Islam would be like teaching art history without talking about Catholicism. Teachers and scholars need to be able to teach reality, not have to bend curriculum to societal fears. Students and children need to know what is real, not what some wish was real.

We Always Have Choice

We Always Have Choice

Earlier this month, Slate published a disconcerting article titled: “ISIS Gives Us No Choice but to Consider Limits on Speech.” It was written by eminent legal scholar Eric Posner, a Yale and Harvard educated academic, who is currently employed by the University of Chicago Law School. Posner’s is an old and insinuative argument. In order to stop an enemy, you must stop people from being curious about that enemy.

FTRF and ALA join amicus brief asserting readers’ First Amendment right to be free of NSA’s online surveillance

The Freedom to Read Foundation (FTRF) and American Library Association (ALA) on Thursday joined with booksellers, international, and research librarians to file an amicus brief defending their ability – and […]